Concord Polyurethane

Concord have been manufacturing polyurethane in Australia for over 50 years and in that time has developed a range of polyurethane parts used in mining. Components manufactured in polyurethane are distinctive with respect to abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, elasticity and impact resistance making Polyurethane an ideal material for high-wear areas such as wear liners and protective lining systems.

Polyurethane (PU or urethane) elastomers are one member of a large family of elastic polymers. Polyurethane is a liquid which Concord mould into shapes or cast as a protective system. Polyurethane can be bonded directly to steel with outstanding bond strength or made into component parts that are easily fitted into service.

Concord Polyurethane Systems include

TDI Polyurethane

MDI Polyurethane


Concord Engineers can advise the most appropriate and cost effective grade of polyurethane to handle client wear, abrasion or corrosion.

Examples of Concord Polyurethane Applications include
Aperture Panels
Cast Parts
Cyclone Liners
Flotation Equipment
Lined Pipe
Pinch Sleeves
Pump Parts
Screen Protection
Sheet, Tube, Rod
Wear Liners
Wheels + Rollers