Quality Statement Concord Engineering

The Board of Directors of Concord Engineering Co Pty Ltd are conscious of the need to meet contractual statutory requirements in all respects and to enhance customer satisfaction.

To achieve these objectives, we believe the system of documented quality assurance procedures as required by the standard, ISO 9001:2015, provides the best means of achieving the required level of quality product.  Meeting the requirements of the standard will also enable the company to meet delivery dates, maintain competitive prices, and achieve other objectives which will also be met through action plans.  Therefore, the company will maintain quality assurance certification to ISO 9001:2015 and will continue to maintain the standard and continuously improve its systems.

Quality assurance is given to mean the following:

  • Quality is the meeting of customer requirements by supplying the correct number of specified goods at the agreed price at the required time and place.
  • Assurance is certainty, repeatability, consistency and dependability.

The engineering company is also aware of its obligation to staff and the wider community.  To meet staff needs the company has instituted an employee-driven Health and Safety system using the guidelines of the Health, Safety and Welfare Act and Regulations.

To meet its obligations to the wider community, the engineering company is an environmentally conscious manufacturer recognising that its products and waste products must be dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner.  Where appropriate, the company will implement environmental management systems using the guidelines in the Environmental Management Systems standard.

The company Directors are aware that the quality assurance system cannot be maintained and improved without the support and input of all staff.