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SiCon™ - Silicon Carbide

SiCon™ silicon carbide is an advanced industrial ceramic primarily used for wear components, particularly those demanding the highest strength, thermal properties and chemical and abrasion resistance.

SiCon™ is produced by firing silicon and carbon at controlled elevated temperature within a non-oxygen furnace. SiCon™ is categorised a metal ceramic composite, it has been referred to as Reaction - Bonded Silicon carbide, Infiltrated Silicon carbide, Siliconised Silicon Carbide or simply SiC.

Australian Made
Concord Engineering has established a ceramics plant in Perth, Western Australia for the manufacture and supply of SiCon™. Concord's Ceramic facilities are state of the art and enable Concord to offer complete SiCon™  components from tool design and fabrication to final product formation firing.

Cost Effectiveness
Products made in SiCon™  are outlasting traditional ceramic, ceramic composites, rubber, urethane by factors greater than 8-12.

Concord Experience
Concord Engineering is well known throughout Australia for engineered polyurethane and ceramic products. Concord has been servicing Australian industry for over 30 years and has extensive experience in wear solutions, tool making, component design and manufacture.

Quality is Assured
SiCon™ production is subject to detailed process control procedures with manufacturing parameters continuously monitored. All finished products have undergone meticulous inspection and testing.